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Owning an unoccupied property raises a number of challenges. Your premises might be uninhabited for all kinds of reasons: you’re off travelling, you’re waiting for a sale to go through or for probate to be finalised, you have a second home, or perhaps you haven’t been able to find suitable tenants. Whatever the cause of the vacancy, protecting your empty property from damage and intruders should be uppermost in your mind.

1. Unoccupied Property Insurance

When you own a property that is unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time, your normal insurance policies won’t be valid and you must make special arrangements. This is because empty properties are far more likely than inhabited ones to sustain damage as the result of floods or fires, or to be the object of vandalism. Unoccupied property insurance is provided by specialist companies, and is tailored to your requirements: it’s more expensive than off-the-peg insurance solutions, but it’s very unwise to try and do without it.

Getting someone to live in your property is an excellent solution if you’re going to be travelling, or for occasions where the property owner is in residential or convalescent care. It’s an especially good idea where there are pets and potentially valuable contents in the property. House sitters are available online as an informal arrangement, but you’re better advised to hire a property guardian from a reputable agency, who normally guarantee the sitter’s adherence to a code of conduct.

alarm systems sussex

3. Motion Detector Alarm Systems

Installing alarm systems in any vacant property is a sensible measure: when the system is set, it detects and responds to all substantial movements. When a motion sensor is activated, loud sirens sound inside and outside the property, which usually results in the intruder fleeing. It’s also a good idea to link this system to the monitoring centre of a security company who will provide a response service whenever an alarm is set off.

4. CCTV Systems

A CCTV system is an asset to security even if you decide to hire a property guardian or install motion detectors. Not only are CCTV systems effective deterrents to intruders and vandals, they’re an invaluable source of evidence if a crime against your property is ever committed. Smart wireless technology means that you can even take control of monitoring your own surveillance system via your computer’s browser or an app.

Protecting your empty property is not as complicated as you might imagine. It boils down to getting good insurance cover and discussing your security needs with a reputable company such as Shadow Surveillance. Call them now to find the right solution for you.

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Shadow Surveillance & Security Services Limited has achieved BSI Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation for the provision of BS 7499 Static Guarding, BS 7984 Key Holding & Response Service & BS 7858 Security Screening, CHAS Approved Contractor & SAFE Contractor Accredited. Shadow Surveillance invest the vast majority of it’s effort into careful selection, vetting and training of our employees and has a hard earned reputation for genuine reliability and impeccably high standards. We operate across Brighton & Hove, Sussex and the South East of England providing all aspects of Manned Security Services and the installation of Intruder Alarm / CCTV Systems.

BS 7499 Accredited & SIA Licensed Security Officers

All our Security Officers are Security Screened to BS 7858 and SIA Licensed, our Security Dog Units are NTIPDU / BIPDT trained and IPSA accredited, all of which are properly supported and supervised at all times. At the head of our team is an attentive management support structure that serves to maintain high standards of service, which in turn brings unrivalled customer satisfaction.

BS7984 Accredited & SIA Licensed Key Holding / Response

The Mobile Patrols provide the base for the Key Holding and Alarm Response service; finding a reliable and trustworthy BS 7984 Accredited key holder is an invaluable part of running a secure and successful business. An increasing number of businesses understand the risks associated with having their own employees as a  key holder. More companies are now committed to reducing risk by outsourcing their key holding to a professional SIA Licensed Security Company, and in conjunction with your own Alarm System we can enhance your security profile with our Alarm Response and Key Holding Service.

Intruder Protection Alarm System

Shadow Surveillance install, maintain, monitor (burglar) alarms throughout Brighton and Hove, Sussex. These alarm systems also include fire, heat and carbon monoxide alarm functionality giving you and your family total protection, including your property whether it is your home or your business premises.

Intruder Protection CCTV System

Shadow Surveillance & Security Services Ltd will electronically protect and secure your business / home by professionally designing and installing a bespoke Intruder CCTV System with remote access capability via Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

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